What is Assisted Living?

Security and Independence.   Privacy and Companionship.
Physical and Social Comfort.


Assisted living

At The Bartlett our residents are generally those who have spent many enjoyable years at home or in a retirement community, but declining health or mobility has made independent living difficult. Assisted Living is a positive solution to accommodating their needs.

Assisted Living is best described as long-term care for those who need extra help in their day-to-day lives but who do not require 24-hour skilled nursing care.  Communities are licensed and inspected by State and Local Governments.  In Texas there are two types of Assisted Living Facilities: Type A and B. While many independent residents reside in our community, The Bartlett’s Type B license allows us to accommodate individuals’ changing needs and minimize the need to relocate as residents require additional assistance.

Assisted living


According to The Bartlett’s license a RESIDENT MAY:

  • Require staff assistance to evacuate
  • Be incapable of following directions under emergency conditions
  • Require assistance during nighttime sleeping hours
  • Require assistance in transferring to and from a wheelchair but not permanently bedfast.

Our residents and families know that we help residents maintain their independence and the right to control their own lives. Our goal is to maximize resident dignity and encourage family and community involvement.  

Whether you need care for a loved one, or for yourself, we hope you will consider The Bartlett, Inc, locally owned and family operated in El Paso since 1997.